Porridge: No Way Out (1975) – 9/10 classic prison comedy TV review

Cast / crew
Norman Stanley “Fletch” Fletcher: Ronnie Barker
Writer: Dick Clement
Writer: Ian La Frenais
Mr. Barrowclough: Brian Wilde
Mr. MacKay: Fulton Mackay
Leonard Arthur “Lennie” Godber: Richard Beckinsale
Harry Grout: Peter Vaughan
Graham Crowden: Prison Doctor
Director and Producer: Sydney Lotterby

Porridge No Way Out (1975)

Fletch pretends that an old knee injury has flared up in the hopes that he’ll get to spend Christmas in the prison hospital with all the comfort that implies. However, the obligatory checkup at the local civilian hospital comes to the attention of Harry Grout and Fletch is pressed upon to assist with the escape of a fellow inmate.


This 1975 Christmas Special is another classic from Clement and La Frenais with Ronnie Barker on outstanding form as Fletch consistently delivering his lines as brilliantly as is humanly possible. It all builds to one of my favourite punchlines of any comedy ever (SPOILER "they dug another tunnel and put the earth down there"). The Christmas theme is woven in perfectly (the prisoners are covering the sound of a tunnel being dug with carol singing) and it has a clever (I had to look up perspicacity?), utterly joyous ending.

This Porridge episode contains Mild adult dialogue and references to homosexuality

Classified PG by BBFC. Parental Guidance.