Armageddon (1998) – 10/10 Bruce Willis-saves-the-world-AWESOMELY disaster movie review

Cast / crew
Bruce Willis: Harry S. Stamper
Billy Bob Thornton: Dan Truman
Liv Tyler: Grace Stamper
Ben Affleck: A.J. Frost
Will Patton: Chick
Peter Stormare: Lev Andropov
Keith David: General Kimsey
Owen Wilson: Oscar
William Fichtner: Colonel Willie Sharp
Steve Buscemi: Rockhound
Producer: Jerry Bruckheimer
Producer: Gale Anne Hurd
Producer: Michael Bay
Writer (Adaptation): Tony Gilroy
Writer (Adaptation): Shane Salerno
Writer (Story): Robert Roy Pool
Writer (Story): Jonathan Hensleigh
Writer (Screenplay): Jonathan Hensleigh
Writer (Screenplay): J.J. Abrams
Director: Michael Bay
Unit Production Manager: Barry Waldman

Armageddon (1998)

An asteroid the size of Texas is on a collison course for Earth giving NASA 18 days to mount a do-or-die mission to land two shuttles on the rock and nuke it apart. They send for ace oil-driller Harry Stamper but he refuses to train the astronauts, and instead volunteers himself and his team to undergo the hazardous mission.


This is it. My guilty pleasure. I love this movie.

Easy-to-criticise disaster movie which is, nevertheless, spectacular, incredibly good-looking, consistently awesome, surprisingly moving and extremely enjoyable; this is what you go to the cinema to see. Despite eye-rolling science and a legion of obvious flaws (two prototype spaceships just lying around; at least two of Harry’s drill crew wouldn’t fit through a barn door let alone the little porthole jobs fitted on spaceships; "probably the smartest person on the planet" does nothing except be baffled for the rest of the movie; astronauts are also expert nuclear bomb defusers; Michael Bay’s dog is hit directly by a meteorite and survives), this movie works and this fact outweighs all deficiencies. If movies were rated on their ability to suspend disbelief, this would be the greatest movie ever made. Producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director Michael Bay counted the box office returns in the hundreds of millions of man-tears. Rival asteroid blockbuster Deep Impact looked on in po-faced bafflement.

This movie contains mild swear words, a single sexual swear word, adult dialogue and unpleasant scenes, violence and sensual scenes, exotic dancing scenes.

Classified 12A by BBFC. Persons under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.


PlayStation 3 / Xbox 360 backwards compatibility update

My complete BC list.




  • new The game is new to this list because I have purchased or borrowed it or it has been added to the Xbox 360 BC list.
  • updated The game was already on my list but its status has changed.




Backwards Compatibility Lists

Xbox 360 logo

Xbox 360


Plays on Xbox 360 with some minor issues

Title Widescreen Tested
new Terminator: Dawn of Date
Game doesn’t run in widescreen and has the image squished into a 4:3 area in the middle of the display. Opening movie has occasional sound glitches. Frame-rate occasionally stutters. Heat-haze effects are incorrectly rendered on top of everything else including the HUD. I also wonder what the ugliest lead character in video-game history is; I vote for Kyle Reese.
  August 2008





PlayStation 3 logo

PlayStation 3 (PS3)

Note: this is a list of games tested by me and is not entirely in tune with the official list which tends to be more cautious and somewhat behind the latest software version.

No known issues

Title Product Code Widescreen System
new Burnout Dominator SLES 54681 widescreen 2.42
new Ford vs Chevy SLES 53698 widescreen 2.42
new GunGrave: Over Dose SLES 52941   2.42
new Haven: Call of the King SLES 51209   2.42
new James Bond in… Agent Under Fire SLES 50539   2.42
new World Super Police SLES 54080   2.42


Should play on Playstation 3 with minor issues

Title Product Code Widescreen System
new Ford Street Racing
Dolby ProLogic II audio option causes crackling in-game
SLES 53639 widescreen 2.42
new GunGrave
Audio stuttering during pre-Start movie (no obvious damage to disc) but not during in-game movies. Slowdown in game but everything remains playable and looks great.
SLES 51236   2.42

Looks Aren’t Everything…

Looks aren’t everything but they’re not nothing, either. As someone who is fairly seriously challenged in the looks department (though former Dr. Who sidekick Billie Piper says she likes a man with a bit of gut, woohoo) I am sympathetic to this.

I saw this page on a one-off visit to the Zoo Weekly web site following an eye-catching ad on Empire Magazine’s web site. (Doth I protest too strongly?)

However, here is a before-and-after page with women pictured without any make-up and after their makeover was completed. Some of the transformations are quite astonishing.

At the risk of being completely horrible I would like to highlight the most impressive transformation for the lady on row 3, column 2. If you’d said that was a picture of a guy you would have believed it. After the make-over, she looks truly lovely and is sporting a generous classy smile as an agreeable bonus.

This begs the question: if make-up artists can perform such artistry why do they go overboard on models on cat-walks and red carpets and in magazines? It seems to me that, at this time, they are busy making ‘celebrities’ and models look less attractive by applying great swathes of unnecessary make-up which appears to have simply been thrown at the recipient’s face.

Slimm GB-PVR: Version 1.6.2621.23596

To install:

For all details regarding current version, please see documentation which is installed alongside the utility and is available in the GBPVR start menu group.

This release:


  • Option to start GB-PVR whenever Slimm GB-PVR is loaded. Request: “Would it be possible to add another checkbox that makes GBPVR.EXE get launched every time SlimmGBPVR is launched? Sometimes I shutdown SlimmGBPVR, then when I rerun it would like it to launch GBPVR for me.”
  • The auto-restart recording service now does not fire if the GB-PVR Config application has been run within the last minute. This stops it attempting to restart the recording service at the same time as the GB-PVR Config application.
  • Slimm GB-PVR can now auto-kill any GBPVRTray processes while it is running.
  • Maintenance Mode added to Tools menu. Request.
  • Running recording service checked for on startup. If not running and auto-restart is disabled, a warning balloon is shown with information on how to restart it.
  • Auto-restart recording service feature is checked on startup. If not enabled, a warning balloon is shown with information on how to enable it.
  • Tools -> Restart Recording Service. If Maintenance Mode is enabled, this could leave the auto-restart recording service feature disabled so you are asked whether you would like to automatically turn off Maintenance Mode.

Bug Fixes

  • The tooltip for the checkboxes under Tray Configuration -> Startup all had the wrong tooltips because I copied the section “Database disconnect during EPG update”.


  • Sub-menu appearance changed slightly.


You can post support queries on the Slimm GB-PVR forum hosted at