Cityscape HDR HD widescreen wallpapers

Some wallpapers taken from original photos posted by Stuck in Customs on He has generously released these HDR photos with a licence that allows derived works, so many thanks.

Jefferson Memorial just after midnight

Sunrise Discovery of Angkor Wat

Hong Kong Fireworks in the South China Sea

PGR 4: Project Gotham Racing HD widescreen wallpaper

The Project Gotham Racing 4 demo hits Xbox Live this week with the game in hot pursuit in retail. The demo is big (1.27GB) but is taking an age to download for some reason but I might pop a preview up soon.

This taken from the official cover artwork available on Microsoft Game Studios Dutch site.

With Activision distributing future multi-platform titles for Bizarre Creations one wonders if Activision have purchased the currently-lapsed Formula One licence (it used to be a Sony exclusive) and are taking Bizarre Creations back to their roots in making Formula One racing games. Oooh, that would be nice.

Spyker F1 HD widescreen wallpaper

Spyker just secured a very lucrative Formula 1 World Championship point so I thought it was about time I posted this 1920×1080 widescreen wallpaper I’ve had sitting on my desktop for a while. What makes this a great PC wallpaper is the fact that the background on the left is out of focus and this makes your icons stand out nicely.

Spyker toolbox

The original picture is an official Spyker wallpaper from their excellent digital magazine which comes out after each grand prix. I’ve enjoyed reading them this year (though I do wish the pictures in the galleries could be seen at a higher resolution) and hope they continue with this next year under new ownership.

Faces of Nariko Heavenly Sword HD widescreen wallpaper

It’s been interesting to see some of the development work for Heavenly Sword particularly with regard to the leggy heroine, Nariko. Here are my final two Heavenly Sword HD wallpapers and they are constructed from the artwork for the game showing the development from concept to final cover. I hope you like them.

3 faces

2 faces

Rallisport Challenge HD widescreen wallpapers

Arguably the best racing game on the Xbox (alongside Forza Motorsport), Rallisport Challenge 2 remains sadly incompatible with the Xbox 360 and there is no sniff of a full seventh-generation sequel.

Here are some HD widescreen wallpapers taken from promotional high resolution renders. These are rendered by the game engine but to a much higher resolution than the native Xbox 640×480 -ish and are generally used for print publications to adorn preview and review pages of the game.

While the makers of a game can choose which resolution they render to, you can do a similar thing yourself with the outstanding Gran Turismo 4 where you can produce a 1280×1024 render from the game engine despite the PlayStation 2 only producing a playing image of 640×480 -ish.

Subaru, clean



Lancia, clean

Kill Switch (Kill.Switch) PC videogame review – 7/10

★★★★★ ★★

Fun, well-executed third person shooter which delivers a highly satisfying cover mechanic, some splendidly melodramatic death animations and superior opponents which manage to occasionally take you by surprise through their tactics.


• Lead Producer: Matt Sentell
• Producer: Chris Esaki
• Writer (Story): Alvin Muolic
• Writer: Alvin Muolic
◦ Adam Baldwin: Archer
◦ Marcus McCollum: Bishop
◦ Chuck McQuarry: Controller
◦ Adrienne Wilkinson: Duchess


Sexual swear word, mild swear words. Extreme action and gun violence but no gore, dismemberment or corpses.

Classified 16+ by PEGI. The game is only suitable for persons who have reached the age of 16 or over.

Classified Violence by PEGI. Game contains depictions of violence.

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Sega Rally (2007) HD widescreen wallpapers

A game I’m particularly looking forward to this season is Sega Rally. It should be out in September on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

While the official website is live, there is a lack of any nice HD wallpapers so, using some source materials posted on, I have bashed up a couple of HD widescreen wallpapers.

Both images are flipped horizontally to give your desktop icons space down the left. The PIAA logo on the Subaru’s bumper really made this obvious so I copied and rotated the correct logo into place on the flipped car and now you might not even notice that the image was flipped unless someone told you.

The wallpapers are both quite dark and colourful and so should work well as wallpapers on the PS3 aswell.


 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX

 Subaru Impreza

Source images

Spyker Formula One (F1) HD widescreen wallpapers

Spyker F1 offers a free online magazine with their account of the racing weekend just gone along with other pictures and articles. Following the British Grand Prix, for example, magazine readers were among the first to learn that Christijan Albers had been fired, er, let go because a private sponsor didn’t pony up the dough.

The magazine also provides some nice high-res wallpapers each race. The following are simply 1920×1080 crops of the official 1920×1200 wallpapers that I personally liked.

You can view past issues of the magazine and subscribe to the current issue (it’s free) at I recommend it if you like F1, it only takes a few minutes to look through and it’s also a nice example of a well-done Flash presentation.

Adrian Sutil

Christijan Albers

Unknown Driver


Updated 28 July 2007: Second picture link fixed

Lair mini preview and HD widescreen wallpapers

Dragons are cool, no question. So it remains a bit of a mystery why dragon-related screen entertainment in the form of movies and games tends toward disappointing at best.

Lair is a game that sounds technically impressive (1920×1080 resolution, 60 frames per second, 10,000 feet high to ground-level seamless gameplay area) but every time I see it in motion I always feel that the dragons have been poorly designed and I can’t tell what is going on. You cannot distinguish the dragon’s eyes and they are the principle means of identifying with characters. This reduces the potential for emotional involvement with your dragon. It should be your dragon but it looks like it will simple feel like a dragon. The controls also look like they will be a nightmare judging by the number of buttons and shaking prompts that keep popping up in the gameplay trailers. Let’s hope a Lair demo comes out and puts those fears to rest. The game is due to ship in North America on August 14th. released a “screenshot” of the game. If this is an in-game in-engine screenshot then wow! This is a 1920×1080 original image but I have sharpened it slightly and added a PlayStation 3 three.

 With PS3 three.


Heavenly Sword HD widescreen wallpapers

Sony have released final box art for their upcoming babe bearing big blade baddie bashing extravaganza.

While heroine Nariko’s face looks different from every piece of pre-release artwork (see horrible example on right) I really think she looks much better with human eyes. It’s also good to see that, while she is typically impractically under-dressed for endless combat and is presented with a weapon she clearly couldn’t wield, she appears to be convincingly proportioned.

It still has to be said that games, like movies, have little idea what to do with female stars. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think only Half-Life 2 has got it completely right with the realistically proportioned, attractive, personable and capable Alyx Vance.

Anyway, here is Heavenly Sword‘s Nariko in all her flame-haired glory.

Heavenly Sword - Nariko - 1920x1080 1080p HD widescreen wallpaper by Mister Slimm
Heavenly Sword – Nariko with subtle PS3 fat branding – 1920×1080 1080p HD widescreen wallpaper by Mister Slimm
Heavenly Sword - Nariko (clean) - 1920x1080 1080p HD widescreen wallpaper by Mister Slimm
Heavenly Sword – Nariko (clean) – 1920×1080 1080p HD widescreen wallpaper by Mister Slimm

Star Wars Jedi Knight II Jedi Outcast HD widescreen wallpapers

Now these took a little bit of work to get them to look good at 1920×1080. They are widescreen versions of the official LucasArts wallpapers for their excellent PC FPS Star Wars: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast. Oddly, the Lucasarts site no longer carries any obviously downloadable material for any library game and the Jedi Knight II link on their site takes you to a ‘that product doesn’t exist anymore’ page. Sad to see such disdain for their back catalogue.

Battle Doll Angelic Layer HD widescreen wallpaper

An HD wallpaper for the wonderful Battle Doll Angelic Layer anime (my review). This is a massively resized DVD capture of the post-ad interstitial from the second half of the series. The original Angelic Layer logo didn’t survive the resize and so I removed it and created a new sharper logo by taking the logo from a high quality scan of a DVD cover. The wings took more work than expected to carefully cut out of the original image but the end result is a good large wallpaper with a soft but clear main image and crisp logo.