T.J. Hooker 2.18 Raw Deal (1983, Police Drama) – 6/10 TV review

Cast / crew
William Shatner: T.J. Hooker
Adrian Zmed: Officer Vince Romano
Heather Locklear: Officer Stacy Sheridan
Richard Herd: Captain Sheridan
Cristina Raines: Nancy Winters
Carlos Romero:
Ann Gillespie:
Jim Brown: Frank Barnett
Supervising Producer: Rick Husky
Producer: Jeffrey Hayes
Writer (Series’ Creator): Rick Husky
Writer: Jack V. Fogarty
Writer: Simon Muntner
Director: Cliff Bole

T.J. Hooker 2.18 Raw Deal (1983)

Hooker gets involved in drug dealing on his patch as a poker house operator and wannabe drug lord blackmails gambling addicts who have run up unpayable debts into picking up and dropping off his supplies.


While only mustering an average score, this is consistently average and entertaining as opposed to a poor episode with highlights. The stunt-work is rather better than expected with a very good high fall and an agreeably ludicrous fight on a (flying) helicopter skid while Shatner spits out another of his marvelous anti-maggot speeches. The side-plot reveals Hooker’s amazing ability to accurately prophesy delivery times for pregnant women.

This T.J. Hooker episode contains violence, unpleasant scene.

Classified PG by BBFC. Parental Guidance.