House M.D. 5.08 Emancipation (2008, TV) – 5/10 review

Hugh Laurie: Dr. Gregory House
Lisa Edelstein: Dr. Lisa Cuddy
Omar Epps: Dr. Eric Foreman
Robert Sean Leonard: Dr. James Wilson
Jennifer Morrison: Dr. Allison Cameron
Jesse Spencer: Dr. Robert Chase
Writer (Series’ Creator): David Shore
Peter Jacobson: Dr. Chris Taub
Kal Penn: Dr. Lawrence Kutner
Olivia Wilde: Thirteen
Emily Rios: Sophia
Nathan Gamble: Evan
Alexandra Lydon: Melinda
Executive Producer: David Shore
Writer: Pamela Davis
Writer: Leonard Dick
Director: James Hayman

House M.D. 5.08 Emancipation (2008)

Patient-of-the-week is Sofia, an emancipated sixteen-year-old with fluid on her lungs. Foreman wants to be part of a medical trial but when House denies him on the grounds that he couldn’t execute two cases at the same time, Cuddy gives Foreman a diagnostics case involving a four-year-old.


The medical side of the show is, again, really badly handled. House is most like a maverick detective show, for example, Columbo or Inspector Morse but when was the last time you watched such a show and couldn’t follow the investigation at hand. Even though talking in medical terms is akin to speaking a different language, House has frequently demonstrated it can deliver a coherent picture of the case at hand. Part of the problem is simply making the cases way too complicated with one symptom jumping to another (always culminating in near-death) too quickly and without effect or understanding. As a contrast, Foreman’s case is much simpler and the audience grasps the essence of it without needing to understanding the medical nuts and bolts. Though there’s not much time for it this week, outside of the core medical experience, House and Wilson’s interaction is continuing to be engaging and fun and the ending pleasingly reveals extra depth to House’s genius.