Lie To Me 1.08 Depraved Heart (2009, TV) – 7/10 review

Tim Roth: Dr. Cal Lightman
Kelli Williams: Dr. Gillian Foster
Brendan Hines: Eli Loker
Monica Raymund: Ria Torres
Writer (Creator): Samuel Baum
Daniel Benzali:
Megan Dodds:
Kirk B.R. Woller:
Hayley McFarland:
Sunkrish Bala:
Co-Executive Producer: Dustin Thomason
Co-Executive Producer: Adam Davidson
Writer: Dustin Thomason
Director: Adam Davidson

Lie To Me 1.08 Depraved Heart (2009)

Lightman involves himself in the suicide of two sisters while Dr. Foster is assisting a SCC investigation into a stolen pension fund.


The connection between the suicide victims was interesting, not something I’d seen before (SPOILER they were all surrogate mothers being taken advantage of by an immigration official). There’s something about the show which is really working emotionally. Critical scenes are hitting the mark with surprising force. This week, it’s the final scene between Lightman and his daughter as he prepares to tell her that her grandmother committed suicide. Depraved Heart is an American legal term referring to causing death by action or inaction that shows callous disregard for human life.