Inspector Morse 3.04 Secret of Bay 5B (1989, TV) – 7/10

John Thaw: Chief Inspector Morse
Kevin Whately: Detective Sergeant Lewis
Amanda Hillwood: Doctor Grayling Russell
Mel Martin: Rosemary Henderson
Marion Bailey: Fran Pierce
Andrew Wilde: Edward Manley
Philip McGough: Brian Pierce
Writer (Screenplay): Alma Cullen
Writer (Original Idea): Colin Dexter
Producer: Chris Burt
Director: Jim Goddard

Inspector Morse 3.04 Secret of Bay 5B (1989)

Sergeant Lewis with a murdered body in a car in a parking bay (5B) in a car park interrupts Morse’s pleasant evening of the quick step with Dr. Russell.


Thoroughly solid episode with a nice development of the unlikely romance between Morse and Dr. Russell and also boasting a delightfully smug conclusion with the car keys.

This Inspector Morse episode contains adult dialogue and subject matter of prostitution and unpleasant and gory scenes.

Classified PG by BBFC. Parental Guidance.