The Princess and the Frog (2009) – 6/10 Animated Supernatural Fantasy Disney movie review

Cast / crew
Director: John Musker
Director: Ron Clements
Producer: Peter Del Vecho
Executive Producer: John Lasseter
Writer (Story): Ron Clements
Writer (Story): John Musker
Writer (Story): Greg Erb
Writer (Story): Jason Oremland
Writer (Screenplay): Ron Clements
Writer (Screenplay): John Musker
Writer (Screenplay): Rob Edwards
Writer (Story Inspiration) "The Frog Princess": E.D. Baker
Anika Noni Rose: Tiana
Bruno Campos: Prince Naveen
Keith David: Dr. Facilier
Michael-Leon Wooley: Louis
Jennifer Cody: Charlotte
Don Hall: Darnell

Princess and The Frog, The (2009)

Tiana, a New Orleans waitress with dreams of owning a jazz club / restaurant, finds herself face-to-face with a frog who asks her to kiss him in order to turn him back into a Prince. Realising that making out with animals is an occupational hazard for animated heroines, she kisses the frog then discovers that it’s going to take more than breath mints and feigned drunken ignorance to sort out the aftermath of this one.


If you can take the songs out of the movie without it being jarring, then it tells you that the structure of your movie is all wrong. Randy Newman’s songs are pretty good; they’re just not needed and they usually tell us something after it’s already happened. Compared to the genius of the Menken / Ashman movies, you wonder whether directors Ron Clements and John Musker learned anything from working with them. The animation is great though it does fall into the contemporary trap of making characters move unnaturally quickly. The Prince, Tiana and Charlotte all work well but the side characters intrude and don’t convince and feel like toy-making opportunities and you might want to kill yourself before the horrific closing credits song kicks in. Still, respect for making the blond bimbo princess unexpectedly generous and unselfish and let’s welcome the return of physically-produced animation at Disney.

This movie contains supernatural horror scenes.

Classified U by BBFC. Universal: Suitable for All.