Minder 11.01 Better the Devil You Know (2009, TV) – 3/10 review

Shane Richie: Archie Daley
Lex Shrapnel: Jamie Cartwright
Writer: Tim Loane
Writer (Series’ Creator): Leon Griffiths
Producer: Sean O’Connor
Director: David Innes Edwards

Minder 11.01 Better the Devil You Know (2009)

Taxi driver Jamie Cartwright is about to have life turned upside-down when he meets local mover-and-shaker Archie Daley who is, as usual, up to armpits in trouble.


Cheap, worthless attempt to relaunch the series with all new characters. While Shane Richie seems to have all the right words, he simply doesn’t have the right attitude or charisma that made George Cole’s Arthur Daley an instant icon. Lex Shrapnel has absolutely no charisma and a silly walk to boot. It also looks like it was put together for a fiver and filmed on (an admittedly high-end) camcorder but it’s the all-pervasive blandness that is the critical element. There is absolutely no reason to watch or make any more of this.

This Minder episode contains violence.