Castlevania: Lords of Shadow (2010, PS3) – 8/10 fantasy action game review

Cast / crew
Director: Enric Álvarez
Writer (Story): Enric Álvarez
Writer (Story): Luis Miguel Quijada
Writer: Enric Álvarez
Writer: Dave Cox
Writer: Eddie Deighton
Writer: Jon Sloan
Technical Lead: Carlos Rodríguez
Technical Lead: Jose González
Game Programming Lead: Darío Halle
Lead Level Designer: Daniel Alcázar
Music Producer and Composer: Óscar Araujo
Patrick Stewart: Zobek
Natascha McElhone: Marie
Robert Carlyle: Gabriel
Jason Isaacs: Satan

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow (2010)

Gabriel Belmont, a Knight of the Brotherhood of Light, as sent to the Lake of Oblivion and begins an odyssey to defeat the Lords of Shadow, prevent the end of the world and resurrect his murdered wife.


It cannot be overstated how good this game looks; alongside the Batman: Arkham-games, this is probably the best-looking cross-platform game available on console. It’s technically lovely with lots of details and nice shadows and lighting but it’s also invariably spectacular and interesting and full of atmosphere (helped no end by Óscar Araujo’s lovely music). The combat is aiming for God of War and it does hit those heights, albeit not consistently. Gabriel’s whip feels a bit weedier than it should and, between endlessly blocking and dodging, you frequently don’t seem to have time to use any of the moves you’ve learned but, brilliantly, the game doesn’t need to offer XP to artificially boost your artifical skill. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow requires and educates you to genuinely boost your own genuine skill. It’s not as well done as the God of War games but, then, nothing is.

This game contains bad language and gory fantasy violence and nudity.

Classified 15 by BBFC. Suitable only for persons of 15 years and over.