Slimm GBPVR 1.7.3129.25565 released


To install:

For all details regarding current version, please see documentation which is installed alongside the utility and is available in the GBPVR start menu group.


This release:


  • Shutdown menu documentation added. This history page and Contents index also re-ordered so that the Tray Utility comes before GBPVRcli.
  • Added ability to automatically turn off the monitors when a delayed shutdown is requested. You can also turn off the monitors immediately.
  • Added configurable delay to the delayed shutdown feature, ie., when Slimm GB-PVR automatically performs a shutdown operation after a recording session, it will wait this many seconds after the recording session finishes before performing the shutdown operation. Requested by rob11252. Curiously, this feature was already coded but was not user-configurable, so thanks for the reminder!
  • Single-clicking the tray icon can now have a user-configurable effect.

Bug Fixes

  • Selecting Tools/Report Error, er, caused a crash because the gbpvr/skins folder is no more.
  • Vista only: standby cannot be prevented. This is not a bug but intentionally caused by changes to the operating system.
  • Tray Configuration/Advanced/Show Current Log and …Show Previous Log fixed.



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