T.J. Hooker 3.05 The Shadow of Truth (1983, Police Action Drama) – 6/10 TV review

Cast / crew
William Shatner: T.J. Hooker
Adrian Zmed: Officer Vince Romano
Heather Locklear: Officer Stacy Sheridan
James Darren: Jim Corrigan
Writer (Series’ Creator): Rick Husky
Helen Shaver: Lisa Jericho
Nicolas Coster: Kevin Mundy
Luke Askew: Brad Thurman
Richard Herd: Captain Dennis Sheridan
Supervising Producer: Rick Husky
Producer: Jeffrey Hayes
Writer: Robert Sherman
Director: Cliff Bole

T.J. Hooker 3.05 Shadow of Truth, The (1983)

Hooker’s latest girlfriend, investigative reporter Lisa Jericho, is rubbing the police department up the wrong way by exposing dodgy tactics employed by some but another target of her investigations is taking action: a contract is put out on her life.


Freqently solid fun, if credulity-stretching, with surprisingly few car chases but good chemistry between Shatner and Helen Shaver as his latest girlfriend. Hooker’s insanely wide-ranging knowledge this week includes geology and the ability to instantly analyse soil content just from picking it up. Oh, and he can bend the laws of space and time as he manages to drive down a hill, identify a man, work out what he’s doing there, run across a car park and leap across a car before the man can flip a switch. There is also plenty of bikini and girl-in-man’s-shirt (hurrah!) action to keep the less demanding male viewer entertained. The climax also features a bit of unintentional hilarity as Lisa Jericho looks aghast at the dead body of the baddie, then up at Hooker… who grins back at her. It’s so wrong, it’s awesome.

This T.J. Hooker episode contains violence, unpleasant scenes.