Rallisport Challenge HD widescreen wallpapers

Arguably the best racing game on the Xbox (alongside Forza Motorsport), Rallisport Challenge 2 remains sadly incompatible with the Xbox 360 and there is no sniff of a full seventh-generation sequel.

Here are some HD widescreen wallpapers taken from promotional high resolution renders. These are rendered by the game engine but to a much higher resolution than the native Xbox 640×480 -ish and are generally used for print publications to adorn preview and review pages of the game.

While the makers of a game can choose which resolution they render to, you can do a similar thing yourself with the outstanding Gran Turismo 4 where you can produce a 1280×1024 render from the game engine despite the PlayStation 2 only producing a playing image of 640×480 -ish.

Subaru, clean



Lancia, clean