Renault Clio: SRT (Sim Racing Tonight) Forza Motorsport 2 custom paint job

Sim Racing Tonight is an internet sim racing show hosted by, in a remarkable break from the attractive lady bumps required by most gaming presentations, two middle-aged plus Americans named Darren Gangi and Shaun Cole. It’s nice to see proper grown-up men show that they still love videogames and their love for their subject more than outweighs presentation deficiencies.

Sim-racing could be defined as treating multiplayer PC driving games as seriously as real driving with the preparation and practice that entails. Games such as rFactor and Live For Speed are the current-gen kings. Sim site SimHQ reviewed Forza Motorsport 2 in June 2007 and rated it as the first true driving sim on any console ever. So perhaps I can avoid the usual disdain and vitriol that sim-racers usually have for their console racing brethren and offer my own small tribute to the Sim Racing Tonight duo in the form of this custom painted Renault Clio.

Forza Motorsport – My Cars – Renault Sport Clio – Renault F1 theme

Forza Motorsport – My Cars – Renault Sport Clio – Renault F1 theme

Renault’s ING sponsorship for 2007 has produced a bland car thanks to it’s feeling predominantly white / yellow. I was much more interested in the 2006 model with the highly distinctive gold / dark blue / sky blue.

Remarkably I ran into a major problem with painting the Clio. You can’t paint the centre upright, the upper part of the door! While you probably wouldn’t notice unless someone pointed it, this meant that a dark blue stripe that should be between the gold on the roof and the sky blue of the door is missing. I only ran into this problem after I had nearly finished one side with the car colour set to gold. This meant changing the car colour to sky blue and then re-imagining the decorative construction based upon an entirely different colour. Fortunately I hadn’t produced a terribly complicated pattern but it was still a bit of a shock.

While I’ve tried to maintain the pattern and feel of the Renault F1 2006 car, I don’t feel I managed it. If you looked at it without knowing its inspiration, would you figure it to be a Renault F1 Clio? Anyway, this is a bright, striking car that looks great on track┬ábut I am a teensy bit dissatisfied with it and don’t really know why.

I later adjusted the side of the car to its current state. The original had the side pattern as basically square. The revised one has a wavy pattern and is much more interesting. I am much happier with the design now.