T.J. Hooker 3.08 Matter of Passion (1983, Police Action Drama) – 6/10 TV review

Cast / crew
William Shatner: T.J. Hooker
Adrian Zmed: Officer Vince Romano
Heather Locklear: Officer Stacy Sheridan
James Darren: Jim Corrigan
Writer (Series’ Creator): Rick Husky
John Vernon: Grant Chandler
Kristen Meadows:
Marc Alaimo: Ray Downing
Robert O’Reilly: Jack Riker
Lloyd Haynes: Lew Jensen
Supervising Producer: Rick Husky
Producer: Jeffrey Hayes
Writer: Dick Nelson
Director: Sigmund Neufeld, Jr.
Executive Producer: Aaron Spelling
Executive Producer: Leonard Goldberg

T.J. Hooker 3.09 Matter of Passion (1983)

When Hooker discovers the dead body of a beautiful young woman on the beach he determines to exact justice despite being unable to identify her.


It’s a bit more variable than most episodes with several strong sequences where things are taken far more slowly than is usual for the show. A dead girl’s hand grasping Hooker’s arm makes an impression as does quietly looking around her apartment when they eventually find it. However, the romantic angle is half-hearted (though bikini-heavy) and there are two notably naff sequences where the bad guys attempt to assassinate Hooker (the car bomb even uses recycled footage from an earlier episode, badly). As a bonus, Romano does manage to wear the worst funeral suit in television history.

This T.J. Hooker episode contains violence, mild unpleasant scenes.