Pit babe HD 1920×1080 widescreen wallpaper – Ferrari F1 reflected in glasses

As this source image was not suitable for a simple crop to 1920×1080, I decided to have a bash at using some of the more advanced features of Paint.NET to construct the wallpaper.

My previous photo editing program was PhotoImpact but I had been dissatisfied with the amount of time it took to load for a long time. However, PhotoImpact does have a number of extremely powerful features and some really useful little bits and bobs that I will miss.

One of these is the option to store preset sizes under custom names on the resize dialog. For example, I had one named “folder.jpg” which resized the image to 256 by 256 pixels. A nice little feature.

Custom wallpapers on your PlayStation 3

PlayStation 3 logo

The PlayStation 3 has a rather classy user interface and users can gleefully destroy that aesthetic by using their own images as a background.

You will need at least version 1.9 System Update on your PS3.

Getting the wallpapers to your PS3

The simplest way is to browse this blog using the PlayStation 3’s browser. Using the Start button enter the web address (misterslimm.wordpress.com) and then add it to your bookmarks by pressing Select and choosing [Add to Bookmarks]. Find a wallpaper on this blog. When you’ve navigated to the full size wallpaper at ImageShack or Shareapic, press Triangle, select File, then Save Image. Save the image to your Hard Disk.

Alternatively, you can copy pictures to the PS3 using a USB stick. Create a folder called “Pictures” on the USB stick and copy your pictures in there. When you plug your USB stick into the PS3 you can copy them from the stick to the PS3.

Setting the wallpaper on your PS3

To use images as wallpaper (using the current 2.x PS3 system software), select the image from your PS3’s photo collection using Cross. Press Triangle and choose Set as Wallpaper. Job done!

Where to get wallpapers for your PS3

I’ve been making some 1920×1080 resolution wallpapers which are perfect for this. You can view all the latest entries in this category by clicking 1920×1080 tag on my Tag Cloud or Category List.

Currently, this is the most popular wallpaper on this blog:

Hawaiian Tropic grid girls

I love the fat photographer in that shot. I have a great sense of solidarity with him.

UPDATE 13 February 2008: new instructions on setting wallpaper directly from Internet and updated instruction on how to use a photo on the hard disk as a wallpaper.

Jennifer Lopez HD widescreen wallpaper

While the quality of Jennifer Lopez’s artistic output may be wildly variable and she remains a better actress than singer, there is no denying that, at her physical peak, she was a lovely-looking woman who photographed well, especially when she wasn’t trying hard to appear sexy. This is a wallpaper of one of my favourite photographs where she looks great but isn’t visibly concentrating on looking great.

Update February 2008: Image host changed to Shareapic.

Bullet Witch HD widescreen wallpapers

Middle-aged men make video games for middle-aged men under the pretence of making them for teenage boys. Hence the preponderance of full-breasted, half-dressed ladies wielding every kind of weapon ever invented.

Alicia Claus is the star of Atari / Cavia’s Xbox 360 videogame Bullet Witch and, yes, she is full-breasted and half-dressed. However, she also, in this promotional render, exhibits excellent attention to detail in an area often overlooked: the face.

In game, yes, she wields a ridiculous weapon but it does have the distinction of being unusual. Her ‘gun-rod’ is a gun with the silhouette of a broom which doubles as a magic rod. Obviously.


Update 6 February 2008: Image host changed to Shareapic.

Heavenly Sword concept art HD widescreen wallpapers

My Heavenly Sword wallpaper taken from the PlayStation 3 cover has proved to be rather popular so I’ve made another one from the concept art released for this game.

Nariko’s original pose was blowing the smoke from the end of her hilariously over-sized gun (which is presumably made of polystyrene or something) but her lips were too far apart and so looked a bit odd. As I was cropping the picture without the end of the gun, the lips looked ever odder. So I fiddled a bit and closed her mouth. She now looks like she is pursing her lips but it’s more fitting than it was before.

The reason I cropped the picture as I have is because I was more interested in her red flowing hair and the curve of her waist-hips-upper thigh than in her face. I don’t particularly like her face in most of the concept artwork (the version on the PS3 cover and in the game are much nicer). It was too mean, not feminine (or even human) enough. While the cover and game have different faces (I suspect the face was ‘westernised’ for the cover), they both look much more like women.

When I had finished the hair version, I decided to make one with the full gun but with my adjusted mouth.

Anyway, enough chit-chat.

Nariko concept hair and curves.

Nariko concept with full gun. And hair and curves.

Update: image host changed and concept art changed to original super-gigantic, MEGA-HD size. I that deserves an exclamation mark. !

Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction HD widescreen wallpaper

Just a HD shrink of the original high res render posted on www.threespeech.com.

There are four images on the original post. The first two (on the original post) appear to be 1280×720 screen-shots resized up to 2560×1408 (yeah, funny number) while the second two (of which the above is one) are high resolution renders at 3840×2160. Therefore, I presume the first two represent the quality of the in-game graphics (as long as you shrink the image to 1280×720) and they look real nice.

Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction HD widescreen wallpapers

Ratchet and Clank Future is the Insomniac Games’ second game for the Sony PlayStation 3 platform and the sixth in their popular action adventuring franchise.

Wallpapers simply taken from the high resolution renders posted on the threespeech blog.

Ratchet and Clank Future logo included.


Take a look at all my HD wallpapers.

Update: image host changed.

Pit Babes HD widescreen wallpaper: Warming us up in Winter

The hard winter of the drought of motorsport is upon us with the close of the World Rally Championship season and the A1GP winter break so here are a couple of pit babe wallpapers to keep us warm as we look forward to the continuation of A1GP (20th January 2008) and the start of the WRC (19th January 2008), MotoGP (10th March 2008) and Formula One (16th March 2008) series.

Foster’s grid girls (by Michael Kunkel)

Hawaiian Tropic grid girls

Previous pit babe wallpapers: