nullDC (Sega Dreamcast and Naomi)

Official Web Site


Example BAT and Command-Line Options

CD "C:\Program Files\nullDC"
nulldc.exe -config nullDC:Emulator.Autostart=1 -config ImageReader:LoadDefaultImage=1 -config ImageReader:DefaultImage="C:\Dreamcast\MSR_USA.cdi"
  • -config nullDC:Emulator.Autostart starts emulation when nullDC loads.
  • -config ImageReader:LoadDefaultImage=1 tells nullDC to load a disc image.
  • -config ImageReader:DefaultImage specifies the disc image and needs quotation marks if the filename contains spaces.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Alt+F4: exit nullDC.
  • F8: save a BMP screenshot in the nullDC folder. If you launch a nullDC Dreamcast game via Steam, you can use Steam’s screenshot facility. (Default: F12)

My complete BAT file

I use a more comprehensive BAT file for launching games. It includes a little reminder window with hotkeys and pertinent information.

This is the one for Metropolis Street Racer.


REM Do not use speech marks
REM Do not leave a space before or after the equals sign
SET GameName=Metropolis Street Racer
SET GameROM=E:\Dreamcast\Metropolis Street Racer DC\MSR_USA.cdi

REM Include trailing slash for folder names
SET NullDCFolder=E:\Dreamcast\NullDC\

REM Create on-the-fly VBScript to show a popup message that will automatically
REM close after a few seconds and allow the game to load
REM object.Popup strText,[nSecondsToWait],[strTitle],[nType]
REM nType: 64 = Information icon
> usermessage.vbs ECHO Set wshShell = CreateObject( "WScript.Shell" )
>>usermessage.vbs ECHO wshShell.Popup "Alt+F4 to exit." ^& vbCrLF ^& _
>>usermessage.vbs ECHO                "F12 to take Steam screenshot, F8 to take NullDC screenshot." ^& vbCrLf ^& vbCrLF ^& _
>>usermessage.vbs ECHO                "%GameName% will start in 3 seconds.", 3, _
>>usermessage.vbs ECHO                "%GameName% notes", 64
Wscript.EXE usermessage.vbs
Del usermessage.vbs

PUSHD "%NullDCFolder%"
nullDC_Win32_Release-NoTrace.exe -config nullDC:Emulator.Autostart=1 -config ImageReader:LoadDefaultImage=1 -config ImageReader:DefaultImage="%GameROM%"

REM Return to original batch folder; this is why we use PUSHD instead of CD earlier

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